PSA: Amazing Cartoon is Elixir of Eternal Youth

The bears' unique form of traveling is called the Bearstack. Image from

The bears’ unique form of traveling is called the Bearstack.            Image from

Just Bear With Me

This is bear-ly the beginning of a brilliant cartoon. I am going bear-zerk. I am bear-y happy you are still reading because these puns are pretty bad. But you know what’s not bad? “We Bare Bears.”

Cartoon Network has done it again. And by “it”, I mean made me fall in love with yet another one of their cartoon series. If you haven’t heard of “We Bare Bears” then you need to get your head out of sand, and go watch it ASAP.

My Cartoon Heroes

We Bare Bears” is Cartoon Network’s first original series based on a comic and premiered on July 27, 2015. It is an award-winning animated cartoon series created by Daniel Chong that centers around the lives of three bear siblings, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, and their daily interactions with humans in the modern-day San Francisco Bay Area.

Each main character has a unique personality that makes each one of these 11 minute episodes so unique. Grizzly is the loud and excited leader who loves attention while Panda is the introverted and emotional social-media enthusiast who can’t be apart from his cellphone for more than 5 minutes (Now that I can definitely relate to). And last but not least we have Ice Bear who happens to be an amazing chef yet also a calm silent ninja who resides in the refrigerator in the bears’ home.Their awkward yet unbelievably adorable attempts at integrating with the human world make them so lovable and relatable. For example, in one episode the bears discover “CaveShare”, a website that connects them with strangers who need a place to temporarily stay at much like real-life website, “Airbnb“. The bears rent out their home and run into trouble when their guest is just a bit out of the ordinary.

The bear siblings doing very human everyday things. Yes, Panda wears contacts. Image from

The bear siblings doing very human everyday things. Yes, Panda wears contacts. Image from

The charming, goofy and undeniable feel-good nature of “We Bare Bears” has quickly gained it a rapidly growing fanbase so much that of course Cartoon Network had to renew the series for a second season (there might have been an uprising if they hadn’t and I would’ve led it). This cartoon is so genuine and pure that I honestly felt like a child again when I was watching it. Adults and children alike are falling in love with the series and there’s no question why. There’s just something about this show that is just perfectly out of the ordinary but ordinary at the same time. Check out this show for yourself and I think guarantee you’ll know exactly what I mean.

My friends have constantly ridiculed me for watching cartoons at my age. But, honestly as a college student I am surrounded by so much negativity, pressure and stress all day that, as crazy as it sounds, genuine cartoons such as “We Bare Bears” really do help me detox.

Bears eat tacos and burritos just like us. Image from

Bears eat tacos and burritos just like us. Image from

In our success-driven and constantly goal-oriented society I feel that a majority of people often take life way too seriously and forget to relax. Set aside 11 minutes out of your day, take a breather, tune in and let the bear siblings bring a smile to your face.

Bears use smartphones too and they take selfies. Bet you didn't know that. Image from

Cartoon bears use smartphones and take selfies too. Bet you didn’t know that. Image from



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