iZombie produced by the same creators of Veronica Mars. Image from forbes.com

iLove iZombie

My Undead Journey No one ever never told me that three sleepless nights and two shots of expresso per hour was the “other” formula for becoming a zombie. This way was more painful. Take the bite instead. Trust me. Why was I up for three nights in a row might you ask? I could say I was studying like […]

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Virtual Reality: Real or Not Real?

Game On “Okay, put on the headset and hold these controllers and you should sta-“ And that was the last thing I heard. My reality disappeared along with any evidence of the tangible world and all of a sudden I was immersed in a new world. I stepped into the arena and everything melted away. The only thing I […]

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Hello, future friends! Or at least I hope we will become friends at some point. If not, that’s cool too. You can call me Miki, new (nervous) blogger for Graphic Lab Tees. I’m also a huge book fangirl, wannabe arts & crafts “instructor”, serial online shopper, avid collector of things no one else cares about […]

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