Help! I’ve Fallen for Gravity Falls and I Can’t (& Refuse to) Get Up

gravityfallslogoMy latest animated obsession

My latest animated obsession

I admit I watch a lot of shows that are intended for much younger audiences. In all seriousness, iCarly was probably my favorite show during college.  Either way, I’m truly convinced that everyone (if you haven’t already) should give Gravity Falls a try! Trust me, you will thank me later. BTW, I do take payment in the form of stickers!

The Awesome-ly terrible two-some

The Awesome-ly terrible two-some

Gravity Falls is an animated show created by Alex Hirsch that premiered on Disney Channel during the summer of 2012.  The show focuses on twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines and their weird adventures during their summer vacation with their Grunkle (Great Uncle) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.  Things are never what they seem and the twins frequently find themselves in the company of the resident supernatural and paranormal creatures and activity in this small, “sleepy” town.

So what makes this show worthy of your precious time?

  1. Hello, catchiest introduction ever! I downloaded this as a ringtone about three episodes in and use it as one of my alarms (that I never hear in the morning; I’m sure my roommates hate this song!)  Apparently, there’s also a secret whispered message if you play the end in reverse.
  2. You will want to steal from Mabel Pines’ closet or at least incorporate one shiny cat sweater and a pair of nacho earrings into your wardrobe.  She has a light up sweater, a sweater with a tiny T-rex, an alpaca sweater and seriously I could go on and on.  I just want them all!  Maybe this is a “just me” thing.
  3. Excellent taste in fashion aside, ever optimistic Mabel is just the bee’s knees.  She risks altering the course of history to save a pig from going home with her arch nemesis, Pacifica Northwest (if this name doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will).  She gets to keep the pig as a pet and names him Waddles!  She collects stickers, chooses a grappling hook when allowed to pick something out from Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack gift shop and isn’t afraid to bedazzle anything (including her own face)!.  Mabel Pines is my spirit animal.
  4. Dipper comes off as being wise beyond his 12 years but his crush on Wendy and the shenanigans he gets caught up in due to his jealousy of Wendy’s ex-boyfriend Robbie are a nice reminder that they are still pre-teens growing up and dealing with all the non-supernatural weirdness that comes with it.  He is what I imagine to be the best twin brother someone could ever hope for.
  5. Ciphers galore!  Who doesn’t love cracking codes?! There’s a secret message to decode at the end of every episode during the credits and there are Easter eggs littered throughout each episode.  It makes the show interactive and that much more engaging. You’ll want to discover all of the secrets of Gravity Falls from the genetically cloned super perfect boy band to the secret passageway behind vending machine and everything else in between.  There’s a bunch of conspiracy theories for Gravity Falls and tons of tumblrs dedicated to dissecting the scenes and symbolism in the show.  These are some of my favorites: &
  6. Bottom line, it’s an awfully funny show.  There are a lot of little moments that catch me off guard and literally have me laughing out loud.  This usually occurs on average six to eight times per episode.  Soos’ little bench shuffle at the sight of the werewolf mailman, any time Paper Jam Copy Dipper speaks gibberish and Mabel’s karaoke request for the “eightie-iest, crowd pleasing-ist, rockballad-iest song” to her actual singing of “Don’t Start Un-Believing” gets me Every. Single. Time.
  7. Mabel and Dipper’s relationship is hands down the BEST part about this show! “Awkward sibling hug? Awkward sibling hug.  Pat pat.” I could go on and on about everything that makes their sibling relationship so real and so great but I’d never be able to do it justice. You’ll just have to see them together in action for yourself.
  8. Last but not least, all of the awards go to the genius that is Mr. Alex Hirsch, self-proclaimed “man-child”!!! The creator draws upon personal experiences of childhood summers and growing up with his own twin sister, Ariel, for this amazing show. Mabel got Waddles because his sister wanted a pig when they were kids! I love reading Hirsch’s interviews (especially the ones on A.V. Club) because his love for the show and the show’s characters really shines through.  The amount of care and attention to all aspects of the show along with his impressive understanding of how to capture a wide variety of audiences and keep them all entranced are also clearly apparent. AND he does the voices for fan favorites Grunkle Stan and Soos as well as some of the other hilarious Gravity Falls residents!  What a guy!
The Mystery Shack Gang

The Mystery Shack Gang

Mabel being Mabel

Mabel being Mabel

Well there you have just a few reasons to check out the show (although I’m sure there are hundreds more). Gravity Falls is intelligently written and a little twisted at times; overall it is quirky to the millionth power and extremely endearing.  Give it a whirl!  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.  If you’ve seen it, what do you think?  What are your favorite lines from the show? What character do you relate to most and what are some of your favorite episodes? You can’t pick just one right? I really love “Summerween”, “Fight Fighters”, “Double Dipper” and “The Inconveniencing”.  And have you seen any of the additional shorts of Mabel’s Guide to Life?!  Her “Guide to Stickers” where she shows off her sticker classification in her Sticktionary is perfect in every way!  Season 2 just started airing and the first two episodes that I have seen have already way surpassed my expectations for the new season! The writing is even sharper than before (can you imagine?!), the character and relationship development is most excellent and the show is taking on a slightly darker tone with much higher stakes!  Hopefully, I’ve managed to intrigue you a tad. Now go out and explore the “cray cray” mysteries of Gravity Falls with the Pines twins!

P.S.  “What kind of stickers can save your life?” “Puffy Stickers!” – Boss Mabel says so.  🙂

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