DarkGlass Acrylic Beanie


Keep your head warm — slide this unisex DarkGlass Acrylic Beanie over it. This is a lot more than a stylish knit hat.

This soft beanie hat is completely made of machine-washable fabric. You can stuff it in a pocket, put it on your head, and throw it in the wash without thinking twice about it (can the same be said of your favorite baseball cap?).


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This DarkGlass Acrylic Beanie is made with 100% acrylic material that’s strong, soft, and long-wearing. Acrylic dries quickly, retains color well, and stands up to wear and tear. It’s not wrinkly, but this black beanie is soft to the touch. The soft fabric insulates your head against the cold and traps your natural body heat so the weather can’t rob it away from you when you wear this unisex beanie.

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