Knight Slayers
by Apalooza & Droidloot
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Artist Profile
If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why?
A dolphin, because I'd still be really smart and still be a mammal. For some reason I am finding that to be important and I have no idea why.
Who was your favorite comic book character as a kid?
Comic Book: Spider-Man Movie: Luke Skywalker Cartoon: Scooby Doo
Right now I’m obsessed with…
I don't think I know any theme song in it's entirety, but I used to know Greatest American Hero and I still think Star Wars: The Old Republic – I play it constantly
Really terrible movie that is your secret guilty pleasure?
Roadhouse starring Patrick Swayze
What song would best describe your art?
Tubthumping by Chumbawamba it's all about being a tubthumper after all.
What's the strangest thing you've drawn?
I've drawn some pretty strange conclusions before. Other than that I don't think I've drawn anything particularly strange. There was this one time in art camp...
What was your first job?
his wife was out and waned to know how much he owed me. I told him it was free. He seemed upset that he had no reason to ask me in. (That's an example of a strange conclusion that I drew by the way.)
Have you always wanted to be an artist?
I never wanted to be an artist. Digital design is my outlet for creativity. It's funny because my wife went to the School of Visual Arts and I can't get her to help me design.
Wars or Trek?
Trek, which I know you would not have guessed given some of my other answers. For the first 11 years of my life Star Wars did not exist but Trek did and I loved it so much and still do.
What super power would you have?
Invulnerability. Would you tell people or keep it to yourself? I'd keep it to myself. I'd design a cool costume, but no capes.