ZombieMedia’s Profile

Tell us a little about yourself.

ZombieMedia is me, Duncan. Aging teacher. Husband to a beauty, father to two stars. Living in Bristol. I make geeky designs that some people like.

If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why?

Undoubtedly a squid, since we first saw my son, Dante, in the scans - he's been squid - so it makes sense for me to be a bigger squid. Plus, they look damn cool. Like me.

  Who was your favorite comic book character as a kid?

One of the first comic characters I really remember thinking was cool was Punisher. It was in a double issue with Dare Devil.

    What theme song do you know all the words to?

Hmmm...probably Red Dwarf, I find the song starts in my brain as soon as someone says "It's cold outside".

  When do you find yourself at your most creative? 

It can be any time, whenever a notion or idea pops into my brain. Sometimes I can work on it immediately, other times it's a case of noting the idea down and trying to come back to it.

  Oddest thing you've drawn for yourself or someone else?

I used to have a site called ScribbleSite, where people could suggest things to draw - someone requested Scrappy Doo's head on a spike. That was pretty odd.

  What was your first job?  

First job? Paper boy. Loved it. Early starts and reading all the papers.

    Have you always wanted to be an artist?

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a tshirt designer. To me that was better than being president of the United States. To be a tshirt designer was to own the world. Or something like that! I’ve always been a doodler, always had an interest in Art and Design (in a previous life I was an Art teacher), and the thought of someone somewhere wearing something that I designed was the best idea ever.

  The moment you knew you were officially a professional artist was when…..

Probably still waiting for that. I think a daily site taking up one of my designs was a watershed moment for me. The realisation that people would actually want to wear something I designed? Mind blowing. It's still the reason I do this. The thought that there are people all over the world wearing shirts I've designed. Incredible...

  You and one other person on a deserted island, who is it?

My wife, Jazz. Can I sneak our kids, Dante and Zeine on too? Go on, they'd love the beach. How can you be so mean? Look at their little faces...

  What super power would you have?

I always wanted to be really good at football, and I used to imagine I could just develop skills (like knowing Kung Fu in The Matrix) - something like that would be sweet. Or skateboarding, is that a super power? I'd like to be able to skate.

    Harshest critique? 

That a logo I designed (it was a character based on a parking meter) looked like a condom. They were right, but that wasn't the point.

  If you were not an artist, what would you be?

I'd be doing what I do, teaching. Oh and trying to be an artist. 


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