CrockTee’s Profile

What was your first job?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Landscaping i.e. mowing lawns and absolutely.

Who was your favorite comic book/movie/cartoon character as a kid?


What was your "break through" moment you knew you made it as a designer/illustrator?

Not sure, still waiting on that one.

If you were not an artist, what would you be?

I would like to be involved in creating video games.

What's the strangest thing you've drawn?

Japanese subway sign, strange because the x is forbidden actually exists.

Right now I’m obsessed with…...

Hunter X Hunter

Really terrible movie that is your secret guilty pleasure?

Beerfest, nobody else seems to like it as much as I do. 

What super power would you have?

Super speed, and got to keep it! 

You and one other person on a deserted island, who is it?

That man vs wild guy or a chef, I'd pick a supermodel but a fella has to eat. 

Wars or Trek?

Galactica (original) 

If you were not an artist, what would you be?

Engineer, and a bad one at that. 

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