Super Slash Bros
by Jason Casteel
Hoodies start at $35
Artist Profile
Who or what influences your art?
I've always been a fan of comic books and the fantasy/science fiction genres, I think a lot of that comes out in my art.
When do you know when a piece is done?
I honestly struggle with this one, because most of the time when I start a piece I don't know what the end product will be.  Sometimes I call it too soon, and sometimes I take it too far.
What was the worst thing someone said about a piece you did?
"Okay. What is the brown lump in the middle? Because, no offense, kind of looks like a turd."  They were right.  It was a mixed media piece that was painted with coffee.
What did you say?
"It was a spot where the coffee stained darker than everywhere else. It was rather distracting.. so I updated it. Thanks for the input."
Do you like cheese?
I love cheese, especially the smoked variety. I even love fake cheese.
You are also a talented photographer, do you start with an idea or do you look at pics you've taken and get an idea from there?
I usually start with an idea, and then find the photos that I can use to build it.  I use a lot of textures in my work, so I am constantly taking pictures of textures I see.  I've gotten more than a few funny looks while taking pictures of pavement.
Seriously, how cool are beards?
Beards are seriously cool.  My beard is Spartan-approved, and is the true source of all my power.
What was your last ah-ha moment?
I think I was at work, and "The Living Daylights" came up on my iTunes.