Dark Fiction
by Zerobriant
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Artist Profile
What song would best describe your art?
"Just Once" by James Ingram! you asked for it :D 
If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why?
I am the kraken! the myth and the fear that runs in the back of every sailors neck,  the one that makes them wet their pants. (due to the splashing)" I am the kraken, I want  you to fear the sea, respect the oceans or I will tear your ships apart and your lives taken."
Who was your favorite comic book/movie/cartoon character as a kid?
Nobody I know loves Lobo more than I do. (If you haven't heard of him either google then) I have an extensive collection of his comics. I love Lobo for one main reason, he is the "main" man. He beat the hell out of Superman and he has an appetite for green and pink sexy alien chicks :D A true definition of a badass with chains around his arm and a hook, looking like a blue wolverine a villain  of cutey stuffs and a mercenary for no good reason. I love Silver Hawkss too esp. Mumra!
Right now I’m obsessed with -
The Iron Throne! One day I will ride to the east coast of Westeros and walk into the Great Hall of the Red Keep and sit on the Iron Throne with grace, but before that ill have to visit a Lord Baelish reputable establishment. just to inspect. :)
Really terrible movie that is your secret guilty pleasure?
Oh the best question so far, but please dont judge me. any old Jackie Chan movie, especially the Drunken Master.
What's the strangest thing you've drawn?
My 6 year old self portrait. I was drawing myself but it came out that I look like Batman.
You and one other person on a deserted island, who is it?
A genie if you consider him as a person. If not, Kim Kardashian we will make little North East and South East.
What super power would you have? Would you tell people or keep it to yourself? I made my own Superhero character when I was a kid, I called myself "The Profiler" A secret underground government project gone wrong. I have a bionic eye and some metal bones. I can scan anybody and know everything about them in an instant. Basically a mind reader with xray visions fast and super human strength that has a watch that can stop time, I was used to locate individuals with criminal minds and to prevent them from doing an act they would regret for the rest of their lives. I usually stay in the clubs and search for lonely single drunk  females and prevent them from vomiting all over the place, i buy them coffee :D  And of course I would not tell anybody, the secret government who funded the research would not allow that. But soon they would release me after they created T 800.
If you were not an artist, what would you be?
The Profiler!